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Past, Present and Future - My Non New Year's Resolution for 2017

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When I was a child, I wanted to be an artist (this was before my parents convinced me that if I were to be an artist, then I'd starve and be unhappy, typical immigrant parent response  - but that's another story). I loved painting, beading and making jewelry, creating dried flower arrangements, and making paper using recycled newspapers I had turned into mush. Anything using my hands, I loved. I would spend hours in my bedroom, getting lost in the flow of whatever art or craft piece I was working on. I would forget to eat, stay up late, losing myself in the joy and focus of creating. I miss that.

That's why this year, my new year's resolution is not really a resolution at all, but more of an exhortation or command to myself: Create. I'm not much of a person for setting resolutions especially the kind that start on January 1. My logic is, if you want to do something why wait until a new year? Even though new year's resolutions are not usually my thing, I am one for setting intentions, and this year's is to create. I love the idea of a simple one-word, theme for the year. My theme for last year was Abundance, and along with it I had 4 sub resolution-like intentions, which you can read about here.

Back to today... it doesn't matter what I create, it can be a beautiful (or not so beautifully played according to my husband) piece of piano by Chopin that I play, a watercolor I paint, or a story I write, or even a blog post I share. It can be a carefully curated outfit, or selection of photos for an album or my desk at work, as long as I am making something that wasn't there before. Getting metaphysical here, it can even be creating an experience, for myself or for others. Creation doesn't need to result in tangible objects, although it can.

In one of my favorite books on creativity, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author encourages her readers to create not for an audience, not for approval or praise, but purely for the sake of creating. Even if only for an audience of one, meaning oneself, making something, art or otherwise, is valuable. I love that advice, because personally in the past I have felt like my work needed to have an audience to make it important, but what she's saying is that the creation is the most important thing of all. When creating, it doesn't matter who sees it, who doesn't see it, if people like it or if they don't as long as one makes it.

So there you go, my theme for the year is CREATE. I've included an iPhone photo, that I love, of an onion. Looking forward to sharing more of my creations of all kind, with you.

If you had to chose a one word theme for 2017, what would it be?